Colego is an online marketplace connecting service-providers. Here both citizen and businesses can obtain quotes on jobs and services. The startup has experienced strong growth, and has just announced an investment funding of € 2 million from Northcap Partners.

“Our main task is to create contact between two sides, and that is what we have achieved with our service. It’s easy for both the seller and the buyer. We work with professionals from over 40 professions, and the number will increase sharply during 2015. No one else can offer the variety we do, something that makes our service unique.” says Martin Sylvest Lavlund, CEO, to Trendsonline.

And the service has not just achieved growth on the userbase. The office has also grown. The startup was founded in Greve in 2012. In 2014, they had 8 employees. Now the office is in Sydhavn in Copenhagen and has grown to a remarkable 65 employees.

Expanding into Europe

The aim of the investment is to get more talent on board and to expand into the European markets.

“We believe that our business concept is viable in the European market also. We are starting in Germany. We will then continue for the rest of Europe.” says Martin

Rasmus Bjerngaard, Partner in Northcap, was one of the investors who helped to take the decision to put money in Colego. He says about the investment:

“Colego is a good example of the type of startup that we at Northcap like to invest in: they have achieved a unique prove of concept in a rapidly growing market.”

You can read more abou the investment over at Trendsonline.