The Danish procurement portal Colego has created a digital platform, where a customer in need of professional help can find a local company with competence to perform the required work. It can regard the need of a lawyer to a gardener. The service is not only for individuals, but also for companies.

About three months ago, Colego received an investment of € 2 million. The other day, a new investment was announced. This time the capital injection will be of approximately € 3,1 million.

It is again Nortcap Partners that is the main investor. However, the startups own CEO Martin Lavlund also is part of the round, as well as Peter Mægbæk, who originally founded Fullrate and currently Managing Director of Viasat Denmark.

“The market for what is called “local search”, that is the web’s replacement for the future phonebook, have enormous potential. Internet services like Colego saves consumers hours of trouble when they have to find the right help, because it’s done intelligently with technology. There is a great future here.” says Peter Mægbæk

Since the establishment in 2012, Colego has developed fast: after two years, the company had 8 employees and now 65 people are working for the company. On a daily basis, Colego is providing over 1,700 business tasks across Denmark. In this development pace, Colego has an exciting time ahead!

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