The social-network-for-conferences startup Conferize just introduced a new way to sell event tickets. With a focus on gathering all kind of events and conferences, they are launching a zero commission system, even for paid tickets. The new registration works together with their already popular social event website and community.

“At Conferize, we want to turn tickets leads into people by offering everyone their own social profile and the ability to meet up and share ideas – before, during and after the event.” says Martin Ferro-Thomsen, CEO

It’s a powerful package, used by events in over 100 countries already.

“Conferize Registration is probably the most social and attendee-friendly registration system ever built. It’s also among the most affordable, as we charge zero in commission, even for paid tickets.”

Tickets plus social network

The idea with the new Conferize is to be either a stand alone tickets selling tool, or to work together with the social network tools.

“The social event website from Conferize is the perfect companion for selling tickets. It’s highly flexible to fit the particular needs of creative event makers. We provide a bunch of tools to easily organize and socialize any event, such as our schedule, sponsors and speakers modules.”

The new Conferize in a nutshell

  • Launched a new product suite to help events go online: Event website, Ticket sales and Social community – all in one place.
  • For event organizers it saves time and money by solving core needs in one solution. It’s also free, with no ticket commission or subscription costs needed.
  • For event attendees it removes the pain of having to sign up multiple times and eases planning, networking and attendance significantly.
  • Works globally: For events in any country supported by Paypal or Stripe, and for ticket buyers anywhere in the world.
  • Unlimited tickets and multiple ticket types. In addition to regular free or paid tickets, it’s possible to set up hidden tickets and even donation tickets, where attendees pay what they want.
  • Events can change the number of available tickets at any time, or activate a waiting list.
  • Start and end time for the ticket sales can be set on each ticket, making planning easier.
  • For more professional usage, they also offer options to add local taxes and issue invoices automatically with each ticket sale.

“We believe people should be able to find and meet each other and and share ideas – before, during and after the event. We also offer easy email newsletters for organizers to reach their attendees, speakers and followers. The community is offered free of charge with Website and Registration.”

You can read more about it here.