Recently Conferize launched a new feature, which will make the service relevant for a large new set of uses. Having previously focused on conferences, the new service also makes it easy to host smaller events as well as meetups on the service. The new product is called Conferize Organizer.

Conferize Organizer is aimed to help professional events to reached out globally. This is done trough the established Conferize- community, which includes social networking and content- sharing, but on an own website domain with one of the best web designs by This opens up the possibility to share an event with 5 million people listed at Conferize. As the company describes Conferize Organizer on their blog:

“It can effectively save you the time, headaches, and costs of building your own website, while offering your attendees, followers, speakers, sponsors a much more engaging event experience.”

Event experience online

Since Martin Ferro- Thomsen founded Conferize in 2011, the company has worked on connecting events in an open online platform that runs worldwide. This makes it possible to participate at an event even though its physical location might be on the other side of the Earth. The audience- both on site and virtual- can not only access the presentation and videos, but also interact with each other by taking part of conversations, tweets, papers and live feed of images and videos. The event can thus be shared around the world and reach out to a much larger audience than those on spot.

“Conferize is an online platform that opens up professional events to the world. We’re connecting events, people and thought leaders from any industry. We’re helping event organizers build communities to increase quality and attendance of their events“

5 million users and growing

At present, Conferize has over 5 million users, 50.000 speakers, 18.000 events and customers like TED, The Guardian, Ad:Tech and LeWeb. Conferize definitely opens up new doors for event organizers to reach out to a broader audience. And for curious people to learn new things and interact with peers.

“We believe professional events are unique sources of new knowledge and networking, almost like a backbone of the knowledge economy” says Martin.

Interested in Conferize? Take a look at their homepage for more information and to sign up!