Allan Søgaard Larsen, co-owner of Falck and its former CEO, and Lars Kolind, investor and former director of Oticon, has invested 16.2 million DDK (2.2 million euro) in a Danish startup – Conferize.

“When I met Lars Kolind, he was very excited about what we were doing. So, when we got an offer we could not resist,” – says Martin Ferro-Thomsen, Managing Director and the co-founder of Conferize.

Conferize mission is to enable anyone to gather a community or share knowledge. Since its establishing in 2012, Conferize has created digital packages for event makers to organize meetings, seminars and conferences with the participation from 50 to 1,000 people. Their platform enables event organizers to create the future event websites, sell tickets, build social media platforms. Thus, the participants can network before, during and after the conferences. All this, in turn, improves the quality and attendance of the events. In addition, it saves time, money and headaches for both organizers and attendees.

“We are a growing company and the capital is the fuel we need now. We have created something that works and is becoming popular in more than 120 countries,” – says the director Martin Ferro-Thomsen.

With the new investment, a new chairman appears on stage – Allan Søgaard Larsen.

“I see significant commercial value in developing and operating an Event Management System that makes it easy and simple to organize any social event.” – says Allan Søgaard Larsen in his press release.

Another new investor, Lars Kolind, also considers that Conferize has created a solid foundation for its future.

“With the increased capital, the company will strengthen its position and will lay the foundation to become a global company. The investment ensures that the founders will retain their central role in the company. They have a unique insight into the tension between tech and networking. In addition, they possess the necessary execution power to ensure Conferize’s success,” – says Lars Kolind.