Rokoko, the motion detection startup, has launched a partnership the giant of 3D development – Unity. The partnership started last year, with the Motion Library. Now Rokoko has announced that the Motion Library will be subscription free, at least for a limited time.

“We’re grateful for the fantastic start so far with thousands of assets being bought and sold between our users and publishers. We’ve been gathering feedback from our users and learned of a few things that we want to adjust and improve. We are currently working hard on exciting new features, adding new Featured Publishers and incorporating tons of new game ready animations.” the team announced.

One of the changes that will be made is how the subscription model works. But exactly how it all will be is not set yet, apparently:

“Until that update is ready, we have decided to do something that we hope will make all of our current users, and potential newcomers, very happy – granting everyone access the Motion Library subscrition-free.”

So check it out, if you are working on animations in any way.