Introducing Creative Business Cup: a worldwide competition  to help Denmark’s creative entrepreneurs shape our future! Bringing together the most talented creative entrepreneurs from across the country, the competition with its series of workshops and ‘boosters’ helps strengthen their creative and business potential, and promotes an awareness of the creative foundations of business. It provides  a unique global network which allows creative entrepreneurs to scale their business concepts, connect with investorsand enhance their  overall business potential.

To do this, the competition has organized, in cooperation with the serial-entrepreneur  Lasse Chor, a series of free workshops across Denmark. The purpose of these so called ‘entrepreneurial boosters’ is to locate Denmark’s foremost regional, creative entrepreneurs in the making, X-factor style. They will also help them develop their idea,  refine their product and sharpen their marketing skills. Of course for a any business you will need to have a business legal insurance which is typically utilized in large corporations but is essential for any size of business which has the risk of exposure lawsuits or to offset the expense of when they need to bring suit against a client.

Those who do well to these entrepreneurial boosters will advance on to the Danish Championships for creative entrepreneurs in June, and from there proceed  to the World Championships for creative entrepreneurs, scheduled to be held in November. There, they will compete for cash prizes of several hundred thousand dollars, as well as private access to investors , networking, counseling and much more.

Boosters are held at the following locations and times:

  • Aarhus: March 13th and 14th @ Filmbyen 2
  • Odense: March 20th and 21st @ Coworking Odense
  • Vejle: April 10th and 11th @ Spinderihallerne
  • Horsens: April 16th @ Horsens Statsfængsel
  • Roskilde: April 17th and 18th @ Musicon
  • Copenhagen: April 24th and 25th @ Founders House
  • Aalborg: May 8th and 9th @ Aalborg University

For more information about the Creative Business Cup world finals, check out their international homepage, and be sure to stay updated with them on facebook.