One the 21st of June, 15 teams from Danish universities were fighting for a total cash price of 34.000 Euro at the venture cup startup competition. The jury, consisting of people such as Brian Mikkelsen, Anna Mee and Chairman Stephan Christgau reviewed the 15 finalists, and announced the winner; SBT Aquatech from DTU.

SBT Aquatech won in the category Cleantech & Environment, while four other teams won in the other categories. The winner, SBT Aquatech has developed a sensor for water utilities designed to make it easier and faster to detect bacteria in drinking water. The sensor can quickly detect rising bacteria levels, which helps with the prevention of for example the dangerous E.coli bateria

SBT Aquatech won and a cash prize of 34.000 Euro to start their business, and other products and services in the form of a Venture Cup Booster Pack worth 54.000 Euro.