Nick Traulsen and Patrick Wolffgang are two young men, who have found the recipe for something that many entrepreneurs dream about.

Nick and Patrick launched The Marketing Guy in 2015, had a million revenue from the first year. They are unconventional and creative with a steady self-determination. They have helped several lucky entrepreneurs to launch their products and earn money, and they were behind the fastest collection of approximately $ 100,000 for startups in the Nordic region.

Nick and Patrick worked with companies like Soundbox, Rec Watches, and Organic Basics.  

“Many think that Kickstarter is a completely open platform, where everyone has equal opportunities to earn money. But it’s not only good ideas that create the big success. It’s also a hard work in marketing, says Nick Traulsen in a press release. 

Collected four million to Soundbox

Their Marketing Guy’s helped, for example, the company Soundbox, which manufactures battery-powered speakers, to raise its investment in 2016 via crowdfunding at Kickstarter. After only three hours after launching, the campaign succeeded in reaching the target of $ 100,000 – and when the campaign was over, more than five million DKK (ca $ 800 000) had been collected.

Nick and Patrick work through marketing on Facebook, where email addresses of interested buyers are gathered, for more on modern marketing you can also check here for the Digital shift services. Thereafter the target group gets emails telling about the product. When a crowdfunding campaign is launched, the audience will be told that the campaign is starting and that there will be a possibility to be a part of it. Once the campaign is complete, there may be a gain by transferring the concept to another crowdfunding platform, where  10-20 percent of earnings can be collected in the first campaign.

Promotional items like custom plastic cups can be perceived as a luxury, but to the savvy business they are essential tools for ensuring their brand and services are remembered.