As a sign of the ongoing and growing work of Uniti, investors are now able to pre-order electric vehicles manufactured by the Lund-based company.

Till now, the company received over 800 pre-orders in value of SEK 160M (ca. € 16M). The aforesaid amount also includes vehicles that were previously ordered.

“Those who pre-ordered our vehicles are actually our best fans. They followed up our development from the beginning”, told Rapidus Verena Kitowski, communication manager at Uniti.

Pre-orders received are not binding. A pre-order can be made by making a bank deposit for this purpose. The price of a model may reach SEK 200.000 (ca. € 21.000 ). There will be even cheaper models, however, with less technical specifications. According to Uniti plan, the production of electrical vehicles shall last until summer 2019 to be able to present the first electric car manufactured by the company.

Uniti has an official partnership with Siemens Nordics to facilitate the process of implementing a fully-automated production line. However, where the unit will be erected, is still unclear. In any case, Uniti planned to inaugurate the unit at the beginning of 2018.

Last Tuesday, Uniti managed to secure approximately SEK 6M (ca. € 630.000) in the frame of its ongoing campaign, which targets in total SEK 35M (about €3.5M).

“The campaign is open for the public for probably two more weeks. However, the round can be closing sooner when bigger investors join the round”, Verena Kitowski added.

A series A funding round is planned to run during the first quarter of 2018. Last year, Uniti succeeded to gather roughly SEK 16M (€1.6M) through equity crowdfunding on the Swedish platform FundedByMe.

Uniti’s high-tech vehicles are light-weight with 450kg and are manufactured with carbon fibres and bio-composite based sustainable materials.Uniti vehicles shall weight 450 kg and are manufactured along with sustainable composites. The maximum speed of each car shall not exceed 90-130 km/h, depending on its model.

Uniti is located at Tellusgatan in Lund and currently stations about 45 employees.


Source: Rapidus