Copenhagen-based startupSharedrobes recently garnered media attention during SS23 Copenhagen Fashion Week with its innovative “Swapping Labs” concept, where fashion guests could bring and utilize their clothing as currency to renew their wardrobes.

Studies show that Danish women buy an average of 11 kg of clothing each year, 80 percent of which goes unworn. Additionally, 30% of the clothing hanging in the closets are unworn. In an effort to tackle this issue and increase circularity in wardrobes, the start-up developed a unique approach to fashion whereby clothing can be considered as currency via Sharedrobes App as well as at actual marketplaces. The App assists users in directly optimizing and swapping their clothing. Additionally, it enables consumers to discover and shop from sustainability-conscious brands.

Sharedrobes recently took the initiative to spread the Swapping Labs concept during SS23 Copenhagen Fashion Week. The approach was also employed at Roskilde Festival, which became a huge success this year.