To keep up with innovativeness of the region and explore new business models, Eon launches a new accelerator in Malmo called Agile, reports 8till5. The Accelerator will focus on the topic of energy in its broad sense, attracting startups that have relative connection to this area or work with smart home technologies.

The program starts in February 2015, and will run for three months culminating with startups pitching their ideas to Eon’s top management in Germany. The best projects will get an investment from Eon as well as an opportunity to continue their work in Eon’s incubator.

In the first round of the accelerator program Agile will take on exclusively in-house applications. The first three companies in the program will develop ideas about smart fuses, solar panels and public charging of mobile devices. Those who are employed by Eon will retain their positions and wages during the time they are part of the accelerator.

In September Agile will also be open for external applications, with the idea to take in six companies, of which three will be external. Among two key benefits from joining the program are an opportunity to reach out to 35 million customers in Europe and get up to 30 000 euro during the accelerator time, according to Viktor Svanström, project manager for Agile at Eon Sweden.

The incubator will have its premises outside the Eons buildings.

“The strategy is to integrate as tightly as possible with Malmö’s startup scene to adopt this startups mentality and speed that Eon, as a large company, is currently lacking in its DNA,” shares Viktor Svanström

Since 2013 Eon Agile exists in Düsseldorf and also in Berlin starting this year.

“There’s a fantastic startups climate in Malmö which evolves a great deal around the IoT. And the community here is very entrepreneurial and hands on, and this is what we want to for Eon.”