While entrepreneurship is on the rise in the Öresund region, intrapreneurship is also gaining popularity. What is happening is that more and more companies and organizations choose to adopt entrepreneurial mindset for internal use as a means to achieve growth, create more business and solve challenges.


Emmaus Fredriksdal is exactly an example of this trend. Emmaus is a non-profit organization that collects used items, resells them and gives money in support of charity projects locally and abroad. To become more innovative, efficient and entrepreneurial this organization launched Emmaus Accelerator. The program has 9 predefined challenges but leaves lots of space for creativity in terms of solutions and work approach. Challenge areas are related to:

  • Hardware for containers
  • Design of digital container locks
  • Developing digital solutions for grant distribution, online shop and driving rout optimization for collecting of clothes and other items
  • Information and marketing campaigns

See full list here.

Emmaus Accelerator will run for 10 weeks, starting March 25th, and will include business coaching, technical training and of course fun mingle-type of events and activities. The accelerator is open for students and young professionals with various backgrounds and encourages work in multidisciplinary teams. The program also welcomes startups to join on the partnering basis and use Emmaus platform as a testing ground for their products (provided they are relevant to the challenge areas). Curious to learn more, get in contact with the organizers.


Because the challenges are build around real organizational problems, the ambition is to have ready to test prototypes at the end of the program period, which makes the entire process hands on and agile. All the participants will be offered rewards upon the program completion and the best solutions (which will be determined by the Emmaus management representatives) will get 30 000 SEK in prize money. The total reward money pool is 100 000 SEK and the rest of the money will be distributed between the participants.

The project is run by joint effort of Emmaus Fredriksdal, Svalorna, Noramtive, Collective Innovation and Student Innovation Center at Lund University and funded by Vinnova (see the full list on the web).


Apply here. Don’t miss your chance to get involved!
When: Application deadline is March 15th
Where: Lund, Sweden