Techcrunch says, ‘Everyone in the world should play Limbo’ and theres no reason why not, as the Danish game developers Playdead have released their hit game Limbo now for iOS. TechCrunch has giving the 2010 award winner from the Copenhagen-based indie game developers a top review again now in it’s format for mobile devices.

At $4.99, it’s being called a steal, the game works well on both iPad and iPhone, with the 2D black-and-white graphics simple and suited to the small screens. Limbo news reports that they’ve worked hard to get the touch based controls optimised, but are amazed by how it works on devices and are proud of how it’s turned out. The game first appeared as an Xbox Arcade exclusive, and since then on PS3, Windows, OS X and Linux. It’s unique in terms of its art style, and its simple yet challenging platform and puzzle gameplay. Check it out.