Unity, the Danish game-engine company has received a lot of attention lately, and have even turned down an acquisition offer of €575 million (4.3 billion DKK), according to industry rumours, Version2.dk IT news and Pocketgamer.biz saying that the ‘modest’ company democratising game development isn’t heading in that direction. The official word from Unity didn’t give much away, with David Helgason saying

“We can’t comment on these [rumours of a buyout], but I can say that we would have turned such an offer down,” says CEO David Helgason

What they have been doing lately is showing off new features, meeting with partners, and growing even bigger in numbers and popularity, with a staggering 2 million registered developers. Recent acheievements reported include strategic collaborations with Microsoft on development tools for to Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox One, collaboration with Qualcomm – the worlds biggest chip company, strategic partnership with Sony to integrate development across all Sony platforms, and collaboration with Facebook to improve social-platform games.

There have been no further comments about the offer or the rumours, and industry insiders are now suggesting the only reason Unity would turn down such a deal would be eventually plans for an IPO. Watch this space!