The Danish startup FishTrip has recently received an astounding investment of over a million DKK (134.000 euro). The biggest contributor to the funding is the CEO and founder of Endomondo, Christian Birk.

FishTrip was founded by Rasmus Dahl and Philip Randgaard. As recreational anglers, they both have first-hand experience with the frustrations, looking for the next fishing trip can bring. By offering a platform, where anglers easily can find and book trips with fishing boats, the two entrepreneurs tries to help away with this problem.

The funding is not the first time that FishTrip has received support from a prominent entrepreneur. The startup has previously been funded by Jesper Buck, founder and previous CEO of Just Eat, who was genuinely impressed with the prospects of Fishtrip.

“I think that the need for good nature experiences is deeply embedded in most people. This is why the potential of a company like FishTrip is so great,” – says Jesper Buch


With the new investment from Christian Birk, the two young entrepreneurs are looking to expand FishTrip beyond the Danish borders. The company is already establishing itself in both Poland and Norway, while Germany, The UK and Sweden also are goals for 2016.

In addition to funding, Christian Birk also contributes with a lot of experience that can help FishTrip improve their product. With Endomondo, Birk has extensive experience with creating community and his knowledge is, therefore, a great asset for Fishtrip.

“Christian is almost the ideal investor – he brings both capital and experience,” – says Rasmus Dahl

You can read more about the investment at Trendsonline.