A few days ago LoveMyHome, one of Accelerace participants, has launched furniture visualization platform under a new brand name – Cylindo, reports TrendsOnline. The ambition is to enhance e-commerce for the furniture industry with the help of gaming technology.

“The furniture market is a 330 billion dollar industry which is facing an uphill battle online. More than 70% of consumers research furniture online before they buy, but just 3-4% actually place the order on a website, a lot of those who decide to shop online are the ones are able to find discounts on websites like Raise. The biggest hurdle facing furniture e-commerce is the absence of a tactile experience online; we can help solve that problem with visualization so stunning you can virtually touch the products. Results from our current customers show an average of 3x increased cart size,” says company’s CEO Janus Jagd in company’s press release.

The past 5 years have witnessed an increase in online purchases. However, the furniture industry is still behind in this aspect and there is much potential in it if approached correctly. With the right furniture experts working on the kind of furniture you want, you can now UPGRADE YOUR KITCHEN CABINETS ON A BUDGET!

“In essence the furniture industry is where apparel was 10 years ago; they fixed e-commerce with better return policies. We are going to fix online furniture shopping with immersive software that provides the consumer with all the visual information they need to feel confident enough to transact online” says Janus Jagd.

The company has been co-creating together with some international retailers and manufacturers such as Fortune 500 company Steelcase and Danish Bolia to make its product even more appealing. The next 3 months promise to bring some new releases with industry leaders in both Scandinavia and the Americas. To explore shipping options, you can visit this link to their site.

“We have taken all the knowledge gained from LoveMyHome’s successful gamification of the online shopping experience, and refined it into business software that can be used both in-store and online. A solution that effectively bridges the online/offline gap that exist in the furniture industry,” shares Janus Jagd.