Copenhagen-based startup Queue-It calls themselves “a virtual waiting room” – they provide a queue system for websites and apps to prevent overload from many concurrent users, which, as a result, improves service quality and provides a fair customer experience. Queue-It has over 3 billion end-users within e-commerce, ticket sale industries and public sectors.

During Christmas sale in 2017, more than 133 million customers went through the queue system, and this year, at least 180 million users are expected.

“The internet traffic associated with Christmas shopping will peak earlier and extend over a longer period than we have seen so far,” said co-founder and CCO, Camilla Ley Valentin. “We look forward to ensuring a fair online experience around the world again this year,” says Ley Valentin.

Partnership with AudienceView

A couple of weeks ago the startup stepped into a strategic partnership with AudienceView. It is a Canadian corporation with 15 overseas offices, that delivers software to event and entertainment industries globally.

“We are extremely pleased to […] become an AudienceView partner, as the company has a unique customer base and supports many of the most recognized brands in live entertainment,” said Ley Valentin, “[…] The partnership […] represents a significant new business opportunity for Queue-IT. We are looking forward to offering a tailor-made package solution to AudienceView’s 2000+ customers, and for the continued development and growth of long-term cooperation.”

Both companies put an emphasis on delivering outstanding service experiences. Their first mutual participation will be in a high-profile ticket sale. One of the efficient strategies is blocking robots from accessing the webpage, thus allowing real users to buy tickets. The system also informs users about waiting times and number of available tickets. This makes the service encounter more interactive and enjoyable. The users, who prefer to leave the waiting page, receive an email when it is their turn to buy tickets.

“Including Queue-it in our partner ecosystem will enable us to help our customers carry out well-received ticket sales, while preserving the integrity of the order [and] keep the ticketing system running”, says Mike Evenson, VP of Strategy at AudienceView.

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