It’s official, Hampus Jakobsson and Mikael Tellhed have started a new venture and it has a name: Dexplora

Back in August 2012, it was reported that the duo were up to something. That something is Dexplora, and the first order of business for the new enterprise is GetSalesDone.

GetSalesDone is an enterprise software app with the sales reps in mind. It’s an app to help communicate customer demands through organisations and back to the developers. Born out of frustration with existing reporting and planning systems, Dexplora created the user-friendly ‘to-do’ list style planning and analysis tool for mobile. It is an alternative to CRM systems that can leave sales teams in a bubble – without control of the product, and unable to pass on what the customer wants to the production team.

GetSalesDone can only be paired with systems for now, but support for other systems is on the way. According to Jakobsson, the app will work with most corporate installations without any need for changes.

“This is just as much for us to get feedback from users” says Jakobsson.

Dexplora plans to launch a paid version later this year.