Denmark’s digital flea market, Tradono has set out to expand their service to foreign markets, according to Trendsonline. Tradono provides a platform where people can easily buy and sell all sorts of secondhand stuff such as clothes, musical instruments and sports equipment via their smartphone.

The startup was launched in the beginning of 2015 and had stable growth throughout the year with around 150 000 app downloads from the Appstore. Tradono’s most active marketplaces are naturally the most populated Danish cities like Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense but many smaller towns are present on the site as well. Mads Aarøe Mathiesen, co-founder of Tradono says the site is ready to be introduced abroad, with the next market being probably somewhere in Europe.

Besides exploring new markets, the team will continue to focus on improving the user experience of the site to encourage more secondhand shopping.

“Every time we facilitate a deal that would not have happened otherwise, we make two people happier, and our consumption will be headed towards a more sustainable direction. In 2016 we will have many more unused stuff out of hiding.” says Mads Aarøe Mathiesen.