Have you heard of Me-Mover yet? It is a new compact, step-driven vehicle from Copenhagen and it is recent Kickstarter success! In just four days Me-Mover team has reached its funding goal of 100,000$ and sold off its entire first run of 50 vehicles. Those who already had a chance to try out Me-Mover really love the product.

“It’s one thing for people to invest in a new kind of transport and fitness. But ever since launch, buyers are so excited by what the Me-Mover offers, they’re offering their own add-ons, designed on their kitchen tables. And you know what? We’re going to produce some of them,” shares Me-Mover inventor Jonas Eliasson in company’s recent press-release

However, if you think about it, high interest towards Me-Mover is not at all that surprising. This human-powered Segway offers better ergonomics and posture, visibility, steering and exercise. And it takes only from 3 to 15 minutes to master it. Me-Mover could be an alternative to walking, running, cycling or skiing if you are thinking of a work-out or a casual stroll around the city.

Me-Mover Kickstarter campaign page has more interesting details about the product and there is still time to back the project if you are interested.