Klinikker.dk receives capital in millions from private investors, Michael and Mark Kaa Andersen, though the actual amount is unknown. The influx of capital will help the growth of the startup.

“The capital injection will be important for future growth and enables us to make the product useful throughout Denmark significantly faster.” says Peter Stegger, co-founder of Klinikker.dk in their press release.

Klinikker.dk, is a health portal that shows the nearest and highest rated specialists in the immediate area.Whether you are looking for a dentist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, podiatrist, dietician or occupational therapist, the platform provides access to all. The users can also compare the respective professional groups’ specialties, facilities, staff, prices, services and patient experiences.

The service is free to users and takes into account many parameters to ensure patients’ personal needs. For example, a handicapped patient, a student receiving SU benefits, a professional athlete, a neurological patient or something completely different.

“The investment in Klinikker.dk is driven by a well thought out business concept in the health sector. The founders’ structured approach to creating a unique health platform is scalable and their different educational backgrounds and common passion has been crucial for my financial participation in the project.” says Michael Kaa Andersen.

The investment will enable the company to cater to their market in Denmark more effectively. Most Danes either recommend their physiotherapist, chiropractor or dentist to someone in their own network or search online. According to Jydske Vestkysten, a study by Danish Physiotherapists shows that there is a growing trend of people searching for answers to their diseases and problems online. In future, it will be significantly easier and more manageable to get an overview if you search online. Klinikker.dk intends to use this growing trend to its advantage with the capital influx.

Klinikker.dk expects to achieve a little under 10% in turnover from the Danish market over the next year.