Malmö (4th) and Copenhagen (15th) are listed in the annual index with the 15 most inventive cities. The OECD tracks patent applications for cities around the world and and consequently calculates how many patents are applied for per 10.000 residents to calculate their inventiveness.

For several years the Dutch town Eindhoven has been ranked as the most inventive city in the world. This year again, Eindhoven is on the first rank, but Malmo follows closely on a 4th place, after San Francisco and San Diego, with an average 6.85 patent applications per 10.000 residents. Copenhagen makes the index on a 15th rank, with an average of 3.75 patent applications per 10.000 residents. Goteborg and Stockholm are also in the index, but of all Swedish cities, Malmo is the most ‘inventive’. You can learn from them how to get your invention made.

It would be interesting to see how Malmö and Copenhagen would rank if Design rights were taken into account, since the OECD only looks at the amount of patent applications which merely reflect technological inventions.