Malmo-based Ifrågasätts is a startup that works on a platform for comments that helps pages increase interaction with and among their readers as well as takes care of hate messages and similar low quality comments. The service consists of a plugin for news sites that enables serious, fact-based article comments without giving a possibility to post through anonymous accounts. Recently DiDigital reported that Ifrågasätts took in another investment round. Among the previous investors are P Magnus Olsson and Erik Uggla.

“It’s a classic second seed round investment between one and five million. The stock emission was overfunded, so we had to say no to some investors,” – shared CEO Gustav Brain in the interview with DiDigital.

Among the new investors who have now become part-owners are Kung Markattas, former CEO and major owner Peter Enberg, Thomas Wiklund, Dendera Venture, Erica Alvim de Faria, percipient, Björn Andersson, Taxam and Nils Mellnert, Limelco.

“These are people who have made interesting journeys with their companies in the past and many of them will be able to keep up with future investment rounds if it becomes necessary,” – said Gustav Brain.

The hope is that the investment will be able to take the company to a positive cash flow. Presently Ifrågasätts is discussing future collaborations with some major Swedish newspapers with a plan to do service launch together with them. The first newspaper in Sweden that will use Ifrågasätts’ is Fokus