SEED Capital invests millions in Eloomi, a cloud-based platform that monitors performance and competency of employees and managers. Among the core features are a dashboard with an overview of activities, courses, performance status with an option for gamification where it is possible to get trophies, rewards, certificates, points and much more.

Eloomi’s potential has not been missed by SEED Capital. Niels Vejrup Carlsen, Partner in SEED Capital A/S points out:

“In SEED Capital, we specialize in spotting cases that have a large growth potential and Eloomi has proved, in a few months, that they have a substantial business model and a unique product that solves the obvious challenges for many companies.”

Eloomi’s team has also tested the product on an international level and have observed a lot of potential, claims SEED Capital. The Danish software company launched its platform in April in a few companies. The initial customers were EDC, PEB, Berlingske Media and Saxo Bank. All of them have chosen Eloomi because the platform ensures and increases performances in a simple, intuitive and effective way. After 5 months since the launch launch Eloomi already has over 3,000 users in the system.

“We look Seed Capital as a strong partner that understands our business model and our potential in the market. Our cloud-based solution is fully scalable and well-priced, which allows us to compete with major international players. And currently we are working to make Eloomi market leader in learning and performance management,” – says Claus Johansen, Managing Director at Eloomi

Market trends suggest that Eloomi’s learning solution has a big potential as it offers companies concrete insights with minimum effort, all of which is rather appealing for major companies such as Deloitte, Accenture, Microsoft, for example. With the support from SEED Capital this company has a chance to become a big player in a short period of time.