A new project, Massive.earth is set to launch its platform with the objective of bringing a mass mobilisation of talent to solve the climate crisis. With the help from advisors Kristian Jensen, Connie Hedegaard, Katherine Richardson, Saul Griffith, Lubomila Jordanova and many others, it is ready to launch on 22 March 2021.

The initiative is founded in Copenhagen by experienced tech entrepreneurs Michael Reibel Boesen and Martin Ferro-Thomsen, with the purpose of helping the planet by solving the climate crisis and make a difference. Massive.earth is apolitical and non-governmental, and operates as a foundation, reinvesting profits into further climate action.

Massive.challenge, a three-month program for anyone who wants to contribute to solving the climate crisis or learn more about it. It is a day-job friendly, free and online for those who want to learn, test an idea, join a team, expand a team, build a prototype, get attention or acquire partners/investor. It offers education, support and acceleration to anyone. Massive.challenge aims to invest directly into fundable startups and support everyone through partnerships. 

With the first Massive.challenge, the startup has begun the process of transferring talent from the old economy, to a new and more sustainable one.