Climate-KIC, Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership focused on climate change, is launching a partnership with Lund University. The goal for the Climate-KIC initiative is to unite universities, industries, cities and other relevant actors in building innovation communities across Europe.

Climate-KIC has three focus areas: education, entrepreneurship and innovation. Within the area of entrepreneurship, promising startups in clean tech sector in different stages have a chance to receive support and financing if selected to be a part of the initiative. Among the various activities are idea competitions, coaching and a three stage accelerator program, with maximum funding of about 950 000 SEK (95 000 euro). The goal of the accelerator is not only to test out the ideas, but bring them to the market levering Climate-KIC’s large network of 250 partners all over Europe.

Climate-KIC’s Nordic hub was established in 2014 at the DTU premises. With a solid base in the Copenhagen region, the next goal of the initiative is to expand and include a number of cities and industrial partners in the Nordics. The aim is to get 35-40 key members.

“We believe there are a wealth of openings for collaboration in our growing Nordic network between a strong academic partner like Lund University, cities and corporates. Lund University also hosts a part of “The Journey” this summer and welcomes 45 European students to Sweden for two weeks,” stated in the press release.

So far 5 starups from Lund have joined the Climate-KIC accelerator program. See the full list of all the Nordic startups in the program.

Among the upcoming events from the Nordic hub of Climate-KIC is a two day bootcamp in Lund and a Cleantech Innovation Camp at the University of Copenhagen on November 9-15.