Memit, a Danish startup for sharing social knowledge, welcomes Jon Lund as company’s COO reports TrendsOnline. Jon Lund is one the most knowledgeable and well-connected people in Danish media industry. He is a chairman of the Danish Online News Association, a part of advisory board of TrendsOnline and a well-known Danish and international media blogger. In his new position he will pay special attention to Memit’s media, communication and PR.

“I have worked with Memit on the sidelines for the last six years and during that period became more and more sure that Memit can do something that no one else can and it is really needed. I’m really looking forward to helping to unfold it and hopefully create a new Danish internet success,” writes Jon Lund in his blog.

Together with Jan Futtrup Kjær, company’s CEO, and Rune Albas, CTO, Jon Lund completes Memit’s executive team. Jan Futtrup Kjær comments about the appointment in Memit’s blog:

“In particular I look forward to have Jon on the team to push Memit’s media endavours, presenting our unique tools and solutions for publishers – both online and in print. And all around the world”