Minc, which we all know and love as running one of Sweden’s most successful incubator programs, already has 10 years of business experience under its belt, and since September 1st boasts a bigger location to match.  Malmö’s prime spot for businesses to seek a creative workspace, business development and international contacts, formerly housed over 200 people with its 5,000 square meters. It now adds a near 1,000 square meters of extra office space to facilitate the entrepreneurial spirit of an additional 50 to 60 beautiful minds.

CEO Mårten Öbrink hopes that the use of the new workspace will be primarily aimed towards environmental technology. He explains:

“The discussion began when I realized that we don’t do much for cleantech companies, here at Minc.”

How fitting then that the space is currently leased by the pioneers behind sustainable development and environmental conservation in the city.  Öbrink expects companies renting from this division will have moved out after a year, at which point he wishes to expand the incubator’s three focus areas of media, information technology and design, combining them with green innovation and buildings.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Minc’s new tiles, and perhaps pick up some entrepreneurial spirit on the way.

If you want to know more, Sydsvenskan has an article on the subject.