A couple of month ago the Nordic Next conference was held. Being an intimate invite-only conference aimed at VCs and business angels active in Europe, some very interesting topics where discussed. However, some of the sessions and panels where filmed, and now everyone has the chance to know what was talked about. You can find all videos over at Nordic Nexts video site.

In total three videos have been made public.

VC panel: insights on VC and business angel relationships

A talk that goes thru amongst other how they regard working with both entrepreneurs and business angels. Participating in the panel:

  • Harry Briggs from Balderton Capital
  • Chrysanthos Chysanthou from Accel Partners
  • Katja Bergman from MOOR Capital
  • Wayne Gibbins from Notion Capital

Nikolaj Nyholm about investing in the gaming sector

Nikolaj from Sunstone Capital gave a presentation on his thoughts about the gaming sector and it’s future, as well as investments in it.

Tim Jackson about journalism, investing and running a startup

An interesting video with Tim Jackson, interviewed by Joakim Jardenberg, about how Tim went from being a journalist, to a startup founder to a venture capitalist. Insights into the dotcom era and full of advices for both entrepreneurs and business angels.