This week the MINC incubator held it’s ‘exit ceremony’ for the startups in the spring 2014 batch. MINC has a history of varied startups, from both the web, app as well as cleantech and product startups.

The startups that successfully finished in this batch where:

  • Tunaspot – Tunaspot is a music application that enables the sharing and discovering new music linked to different physical locations. Tunaspot has established partnerships with Spotify, Soundcloud, Foursquare and Deezer.
  • Stiff – Stiff wants to reintroduce plastic as a versatile, luxurious and qualitative material. Stiff makes innovative plastic products and accessories. Every year we are launching a new plastic product that highlights the material’s understated beauty and recyclable opportunities.
  • Orbital Systems – Orbital Systems has developed a revolutionary water recycling technology that allows large water and electricity savings. The first product is a shower that recycles water in real time and has attracted worldwide attention.
  • Mailendar – Mailendar offers an intuitive and easy to use collection services for organizing mail, calendars, to-do lists and business in one place. For both individuals and businesses.
  • MIND-IT – MIND-IT offers psychological treatment through the internet and apps with the same results as in traditional treatment.
  • Think Train – Think Train has developed an open platform that emphasizes sustainable travel options from various providers. We want to create opportunities for cleaner air, healthier life and better streets.
  • Emerging Cooking Solution – Emerging Cooking Solutions is a social enterprise with the goal of saving lives, climate change and Africa’s forests. A simple and profitable model based on a combination of clean burning stoves and locally made pellets.
  • SIC Designer – SIC Designer is an interactive meeting place for everyone who loves clothes, fashion, textiles and creativity. SIC Designer develops practical online courses in sewing, fashion illustration and design.
  • Shore – Shore has developed an app that helps landlubbers and sjöbusar to socially navigate the seven seas.

For further details, see Mincs information.