MusicSense, a StartupbootCamp Alumni, launched a new kind of personalized music streaming service with Russian Operator Beeline, called “Beeline Wave”, reaching more than 50 million potential end-users.

The service is in fact an intelligent personalisation algorithm with a simple UI aimed at the radio centric users who are looking for fresh music without any effort to build playlists.

“The user simply pushes PLAY and our technology does the rest” says Olga Sklyar, CEO

Beeline is the 3rd largest telecommunications company in Russia with over 55 million subscribers. The new service is launched to complement Beeline’s existing Beeline Music service. MusicSense itself is similar to Pandora, but replaces their 400 musicians with a technology based on a radio crawler that analyzes music from over 40 000 radio DJs, thereby catering to each local market. MusicSense is also personalizing music listening for each user right from the start by analysing user context from the smartphone, social networks and user preferences.

The aim of MusicSense is to fully automate the ‘Identify, search and discover’ phase of music streaming and thereby to increase actual listening time and improved monetisation for existing music license owners. The founders bootstrapped the company through the Startupbootcamp program and after more than one year of focused product development, they are now said to be in dialogue with several investors and potential launch partners from Europe and Asia.