Peter Neubauer, founder of the company behind Neo4j graph database, Neo Technology, will be presenting an “Øresund Talks” event at Creative Destruction Copenhagen on Tuesday 23 July.

The talk will highlight some of the lessons they’ve learned while developing the product, raising money, flipping the company to the US, and building for growth in both the US and EU. Peter is a founding member of OPS4J and, together with Niclas Hedhman, has been involved in the initial discussion of the OPS (Open Participation Software) community model that is practiced at OPS4J. The focus is on turning Open Source Projects into profitable companies, creating products with a sustainable community process and Open Participation.

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When: Tuesday 23 July; 18:00 – 20:30
Where: Creative Destruction, Dampfærgevej 2A, 2100, Copenhagen