Startupdocs, the free to use resources provided by angel investor Erik Byrenius, has gotten an update for it’s Swedish documents.

“Since January a new law makes it much easier and cheaper for most Swedish startups to give stock options to employees. Today I published The Ultimate Guide to Stock Options in Swedish Startups where you can read everything about the new law and how to implement it in your startup.” Erik writes.

The guide, including documents, can be found here, free to use. And not just this, Erik has been working on more:

“I’m also releasing a new shareholders’ agreement tailored for startups that raise money from a group of smaller investors (e.g. angels). Along with this I’ve also made several improvements to the other versions of the shareholders’ agreement.”

All of that can be found in the guide and documents above. And with just recently having released danish versions, startupdocs is a really good way to get legal templates for early stage startups, for both Swedish and Danish entreprenuers.