Monday the 8th of February Startup Live will be held, a startup event in Malmö. It is a somewhat different event, being organised by a small group of dedicated people, with the aim to share knowledge between startups, and bring the community closer together. Especially southern Sweden is targeted, but there will be a lot of startup people from Copenhagen as well.

“We want to gather the startup community in one place for an evening, giving you the chance to meet and network with the extensive and fantastic community we have.” says Gabriella Olsson, co-organiser.

The agenda included Frederika Gullfot from SimrisAlg, the founders of Leadwizards and multiple of short community introductions. But overall an evening where people get a chance to meet other driven entrepreneurs.

Currently the venue, at Malmö Live, has been upgraded from 200 to 450 people. The initial 200 tickets went the within 24 hours, and now further tickets have been released.

“It is really great to see such an interest in the event. We will this proves that there has been a need for something like this in Skåne, an event organised by the startup scene itself.” says Joel Larsson, co-organiser.

If you want to secure your ticket, get one here.