Erik Byrenius, one of the most famous angel investors in the Nordics, launched a while back startupsdocs for Sweden, a collection of free to use legal documents specially for early stage startups. Now he has, in collaboration with others, made the same for the danish startup scene, under

The documents include term sheets for investments, shareholder agreements and employee contracts, amongst others.

Eriks reasoning is to help make the nordic startup scene better and run more transperent and efficient.

“Both as an entrepreneur and an investor I’ve spent too much time and money on unnecessary legal paperwork and negotiations. I got sick of it and decided to publish a balanced seed round term sheet with related subscription and shareholders’ agreements in Sweden. One thing led to another and I started publishing other documents as well and decided to adapt the to local law in other countries to share with entrepreneurs outside of Sweden.” Erik tells us.

The documents released now are adopted to Danish law, and in collaboration with Martin van Haller, one of the Danish startup scenes most known legal partners.

“The documents are adapted to Danish law, so all terms are more or less identical. There are some differences in the employment agreements though, as employment law is rather detailed in all the Nordic countries.” Erik says, regarding the differences.

You can find and download the documents here. And if you have physical documents that need to be stored properly, you can place these inside mailing tubes or kraft tubes for safe keeping.