Both the Swedish and Danish finals of Nordic Startups Awards have taken place. In Sweden, it was hosted during Stockholm Tech Fest, and in Denmark at Tech Festival, Copenhagen. 

Nordic Startup Awards is a part of the global competition Global Startup Awards. The competition is carried out through several phases, among them public nominations and public voting. The national winners were selected by a group of judges with proven experience in the startup field. The winner was appointed out from the quality, impact, and potential it has within its given field.

Best startups in Sweden was appointed to Min Doktor, based in Malmö. Their founder Magnus Nyhlen got the award for this year’s founder.  Best accelerator became Fast Track Malmö, Furthermore, the Malmö-based business profile, Hampus Jakobsson, was voted best investor. In addition, the agrotech company won the award as the best newcomer. Fun fact about Ari.Farm is that the startup earlier this year was part of Fast Track Malmö,

Program Manager at Fast Track Malmö, Joel Larsson, told 8till5:

“What has been important to us is to have an international starting point, we are 20 minutes from the continent and it is to be noted in our program. During the spring, we had over 100 investors visiting from all over the world, giving the companies good feedback and the ability to build their network”.

In Denmark’s national final the list is filled with Copenhagen initiatives and startups. Some of the winners are:

Too Good to go who was nominated for several prizes, and won the award for Startup of the Year in Denmark. Best FinTech Startup Award went to Coinify and Neurescue became best Health/Lifestyle Tech Startup. Best Accelerator Program, went to Accelerace and Best Coworking Space to Founders HouseCPHFTW, who right now host Tech festival in Copenhagen was voted Best Startup Initiative.

Last but not least, People’s Choice Award went to Mentor Danmark.

See the full list of winners at Nordic Startup Awards.