Nordic Startup Awards is an organisation with the aim to gather and highlight the best companies and people from every field of the startup world. Last week the 2018 startup awards were held in Copenhagen, in a very special setting. Among the 2500 nominees that were evaluated by 50 jury members, only one for each category took home the title. There were 13 categories and among them were; Startup of the year, investor of the year, founder of the year, best coworking space and more. Every Nordic country received at least one title and 6 of the 13 winners were from the Øresund Region.

  • The Startup of the year award went to the Danish startup Templafy, a company aiming to solve what they call a ”document anarchy” in companies.
  • Investor of the year was claimed by Hampus Jakobsson from Malmö.
  • Founder of the year went to Jan Erik Solem also based in Malmö, co-founder of Mapillary.
  • Eco System Hero of the Year went to Sissel Hansen from Copenhagen.
  • Best accelerator or incubator of the year went to Copenhagen based Accelerace.
  • Last but not least the best AI/Machine learning startup went to Corti, a company aiming to use AI to help medical dispatchers make life saving decisions.

Great job for all participants, and proud to have such a strong performance at this years award!