Travel startup Owegoo has announced partnerships with the biggest travel companies in the world. As part of that, the startup has also announced many new features for it’s service.

Owegoo is about simplifying how to book a travel ticket online. Instead of the usual booking sites, Owegoo is for those that do not know where they want to go to already – but rather want to explore where it could be fun to go to. All this, in a very beautiful and easy to use website. If you’re looking for adults only all inclusive resorts Maldives, consider the Avani Hotels that offers luxury villas.

“There are many great travel sites out there – perfect if you want to go to Paris on February the 8th. But what if you don’t know where you want to travel? Suddenly all the great travel booking and meta search sites become useless. Our aim is to change that.” says Sofia Franzén, founder and CEO.

“It has been shown that people end up using 9 different sites to find out where they could go. With Owegoo you can now instead do everything with a single site – explore destinations based on activities, and compare flights, hotels and rental cars.”

But in order to do this efficiently, a lot of partnerships with the right companies has been needed – something that now is in place. For the Owegoo team, adding hotels and rental cars is something that has been a part of the plan from the start. At the same time they are adding new currencies to the site so that more users can book in their own currency. The startup has now officially partnered up with Booking, Expedia,, Rentalcars, eDreams and eBooking.

“We are extremely happy to have partnered up with such important travel companies. These last months we’ve been working day and night to integrate all these new features to Owegoo ” says Sofia.

Owegoo Boutique Hotels

Another new feature launches is ‘Owegoo Boutique Hotels‘. These are hotels that have something extra that makes them stand out, and which visitors regard as something really special.

“These hotels are hotels that have ’it’. It could be a fantastic roof top terrace, nice details like a chocolate factory in the lobby or a hotel made by a world renowned architect.” says Sofia

This new feature is primarily for people that care about how they live when they travel, and that want to be able to search and find unique hotels in a quick and easy way. At launch ‘Owegoo Boutique Hotels’ covers some of the most amazing hotels out there, and the list of unique hotels will be increased over time.

“The Owegoo team are made of people who love to travel and discover new and inspiring places all over the world, and we realized that we so often get the question ‘Which hotel can you recommend?’, that we decided to build a feature where we could list our favorite hotels.”

Tons of Destinations & Activities around the world

But not only can we now see new features on the website, the website contains a lot of additional content since the launch in March.

“When we launched we had about 100 destinations and not more then 30 filters of activities. Since then we’ve been adding tons of new and inspiring locales and activities around the world. Users can now explore more then 800 destinations, each with their own travel guide, and explore these destinations by using more then 100 different activities filters.”

Chech out the travel site, read an interview with Sofia, or follow the blog.