Magazine Hotels, a website that offers help in finding and booking design hotels all over the world, is launching today! Founded by two Swedes passionate about traveling, Sofia Franzén and Petter Palander, Magazine Hotels has a very hard and thorough selection of only what is considered the best hotels.

“We travel a lot and what we have discovered is that it is often quite difficult to find a website with critical enough reviews of hotels. Meanwhile, friends of ours often asked for advice about places we have been to. So one day last summer, we decided to share experience of our favorite hotels. Started off with blogposts, we evolved into something greater and so was born Magazine Hotels,” share the founders in the press-release.

What is so unique and special about the Magazine Hotels is its focus on design and architecture of the hotels. However, it is not how luxurious they are or how many stars they have.

“Our passion is ideas behind a well-designed and thought-hotel. It is much more than just sleeping somewhere, for us it’s part of traveling experience,” says Petter Palandergatan who has training in architecture.

Magazine Hotels cooperates with Expedia as its booking partner. So all the fees are set by Expedia while services provided by Magazine Hotels are free of charge. So far the website offers recommendation for 16 hotels in 14 destinations and is open for more suggestions. The goal is to help customers to find great places to stay at during their trips and have them inspired by hotels’ unique atmosphere and beauty of their design. Good luck with this interesting project!