The last week a lot of different media have been covering Point, an intelligent for the home. The team has already reached it’s goal of $ 50 000, and raised so far almost $ 180 000.

It’s an impressive product, that really fits in the changing use of homes – not just acting as a fire alarm, but also a way to keep track of what happens at home when you are not there. Like when you have rented it out on AirBnB. But in an un-intrusive way.

Also very interesting is that the device will work with IFTTT as well as Lockitron – enabling control of things in very interesting ways!

Check out the video, or read what some of the many articles say about it. The team behind it is a collection of experienced people from the region, who have a past at Apple, Ericsson and Axis. Will be very interesting to see the project unfold, and we look forward to welcome the team back when they are done in Shenzhen.