A new event series has been announced in Malmö: Startup Building Blocks. The idea is to host events focusing on certain important ‘building blocks’ that startups need. The first one will be all about funding.

Deep insights with 4 cases

If you ever have thought about raising money then this event sounds like a must. With four very different startups having promised to tell every detail of how they raised money, as well as Hampus Jakobsson talking about his view on investments as a business angel. We have been told the event will really dig into the subject in a very meaningfull and transparent way.

“Creating a company has many challenges that you can’t study to learn but usually need to figure out the hard way. Things like how to raise money, find co-founders, come up with a good idea for your startup… Some of these are irreversible and might lead you down a path of doom. Building Blocks is a series that give overview of a topic and then companies telling their honest and transparent stories.” says Joel Larsson, one of the organisers.

The event will have four speakers telling about funding from angels, VCs and crowdfunding. The cases will be Userbin, Mapillary, Everplaces, and Form (the guys behind the recent Point Kickstarter).

    The speakers talk about:

  • What was required for each funding (metrics, passion, fit…) sharing feedback, slides, metrics, etc when possible
  • Share their opinions on dilution, equity to employees, good and bad money, any other common questions and pitfalls
  • General tips, tricks, and recommendations for someone raising money

When: 1 dec, 13:00 – 16:00
Where: Media Evolution City
Registration: At eventbrite (the event is free)

Image credits: Bidgee