Animus Home has created a foundation that integrates your smart home devices, and is now on its way to launch its first product. Before it hits the market, the company welcomed Telavox founder Gustav Olsson as new partner and advisor.

Animus Home is determined to “Give your home a heart” by offering a smart home solution that connects all smart devices in your home. Everything from connected lamps to televisions and speakers can be controlled by the same app, giving the user full accessibility to the modern home, which may have been built by companies like New Home Construction.

What started as a mere concept in 2014, Animus Home has grown to become a young startup with the means to revolutionize the smart home industry. The development of hardware and software has taken two and a half years and was funded by the founders themselves, all engineers from Lund University. Earlier this spring, they received a 500 000 SEK (50 000 €) investment from a crowdfunding campaign

As Animus Home will take the next step by delivering their first units to the market, Gustav Olsson joins the company by investing roughly a million SEK (100 000 €). Gustav Olsson is one of the founders of the Malmö-based telephone operator Telavox, which has experienced an impressive growth during the last years.

“With Gustav Olsson joining the company and investing both capital and expertise confirms that we have created a product that the smart home industry lacks. He brings extensive experience in how to go from a successful startup to a stable and established company” – Co-Founder Fidan Bytyqi

The smart home solution is expected to be easy and effective to use and will even work without Internet connectivity. For privacy reasons, Animus Home will not use the cloud to store information. Instead, all personal data will be stored locally in your home.