Danish football star Niklas Bendtner has recently made an investment in the app Calendize:  a social calendar which allows users to plan and share exciting events, and discover new ones – catering specifically to football fans looking to enjoy the World Cup which commences this Thursday.

The app offers live information, images with highlights from the games, which can also be bet on by going to platforms like 오즈포탈, and allows, like other social medias, users to comment and share with their fellow football-enthusiasts. It follows various leagues and teams from all over the world, thus addressing those who are fans of more than one team and wish to keep up with several.

The app has been recognized as the favourite for keeping track of games during this football season.

“There are a lot of places online where you can find VM program and lots of media covering the games, but Calendize brings something completely new… a social dimension. Users will be able to participate by commenting and sharing all the excitement that happens, both before, during and after the matches” claims Allan Olsen, sports manager at Ekstra Bladet.

Dream Team

Bendtner joins as an ambassador and co-investor for the football-oriented app and brings a lot of fundamental expertise and fandom to the Calendize brand, with his title as commentator for DR (Danish Broadcasting Cooperation) and involvement in the World Cup.

The team behind the app are indeed thrilled with Bendtner’s involvement:

“We have spent two years and a good deal of effort in creating a vibrant, social events calendar packed with football. We cover virtually all top football worldwide. With Nicklas Bendtner we’ve got the perfect ambassador because he plays abroad and is known – not only in Denmark – but in the entire footballing world, ”says founder Jacob Beckmann.

The sum of the investment will not be disclosed; but it is no secret that Bendtner is confident in his investment and the future of Calendize. He promises to use the app frequently during the course of the World Cup and says:

“I have myself noticed the power that being a fan and being devoted to a team holds. Being a fan at this level is much more than watching a football game. It is an emotional tie to the club, the players and other fans and much of the experience is just to share it with others. With Calendize, matches are brought to life in a way I have not seen before and that is why I joined the project.”

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