BotXO was founded by Henrik Fabrin (CEO) and Darío Rodríguez (CTO) in 2017, and its name is a symbol of its mission – the synergy between technology and humans. With a global network of partners and clients, BotXO has offices in Copenhagen and Madrid.

The startup specialises in Conversational AI, Machine Learning and NLU, and delivers their AI Chatbot Builder to companies all over the world. BotXO also aims to support businesses in their growth by reducing inefficiency, eliminating repetitive tasks to improve employees work lives, as well as supporting customers 24/7.

“Our chatbots and virtual assistants, like those from the top 10 virtual assistant companies, serve users within e-commerce and customer service in a multitude of different industries: consumer electronics, fashion, municipalities and government organizations, banking, pension funds, universities, unions, insurances, transport, travel, healthcare, shipping services and small enterprises.”

On October 20th, the startup released the cutting-edge Conversational Commerce – a digital twin of the best salesperson. The new feature is based on the integration between a website and a chatbot. It allows the bot to do any action on the webpage: bot controls and guides the whole shopping experience, from browsing to purchasing. At the same time, the website communicates with the visitor through a chatbot. The technology provides companies with better understanding of customer’s wishes through automated conversations.

Some of the Conversantional Commerce technology’s functions:

  • Product Recommendations: the chatbot finds out what the intention of the user is in that moment and helps the user find the product they are looking for.
  • Wishlist: the chatbot is able to look up items on the user’s wishlist and make suggestions, as well as identify what producsts are missing, based on user wishes.
  • Check-out assistance: the chatbot uses existing user information stored in their account to suggest a shipping address and help the user through the check-out, thus solving friction and cart abandonment issues.
  • Voice & mobile: the chatbot understands text and voice inputs for a frictionless mobile experience, sentiment, and freeing up space on the screen.