In a deal that marks a significant expansion in the Nordic region, Vinted, Europe’s premier consumer-to-consumer (C2C) marketplace for second-hand goods, has announced the acquisition of Danish marketplace Trendsales. This strategic acquisition is a testament to Vinted’s commitment to consolidating its presence in the Nordics, following its successful launches in Sweden, Finland, and its recent debut in Denmark in September 2023.

Trendsales, Denmark’s largest second-hand marketplace for fashion and lifestyle items, has been instrumental in fostering the Danish community’s growing enthusiasm for second-hand consumption over the years. Thru the merger Vinted hopes leveraging its expansive scale and deep expertise in the second-hand market with Trendsales’ regional knowledge and established Danish consumer base. The integration promises to deliver synergies and unlock new opportunities for Danish consumers.

“Vinted’s commitment to make second-hand the first choice in Europe offers us exciting opportunities on a much larger scale. After a successful journey with Trendsales over the past years, I am excited to join forces with the Vinted team and collectively tackle the opportunities ahead,”

says Mads Aaroe Mathiesen, CEO of Trendsales

Vinted announced last year that it opened up in Denmark, with its app and website. The acquisition now of Trendsales is a step towards scaling the second-hand market’s infrastructure in the Nordic region. By merging the strengths of both platforms, Vinted and Trendsales are set to foster a community-driven marketplace that champions the benefits of second-hand shopping, promoting a sustainable and economically savvy alternative for consumers across Denmark and the broader Nordic region.

“The Danish appetite for second-hand clothing continues to grow, and Trendsales has played a significant role in that development. With impressive growth and a compelling vision, Trendsales is a company that has established a strong second-hand community in Denmark that we are excited to become part of. We look forward to a shared future in which we’ll continue our journey to make second-hand first choice in Denmark and beyond,”

says Adam Jay, CEO of Vinted Marketplace

No financial terms have been disclosed for the deal.