Templafy, a startup focusing on branding and compliance solution for enterprise documents, has raised more funding. The startup works with simplifying how companies create, manage and share document templates and personalizes them for every employee. The investment comes from both new and existing investors and brings the experienced entrepreneur, Preben Damgaard, onto the Board. The amount invested has not been disclosed. However, they have said that in total € 4 million has been raised so far by Templafy, and the previous round was € 2.2 million, which puts this round at around € 1.5 million, depending on previous angel investments and their sizes.

“The investment allows us to power up our strategy execution. Preben has a number of successful companies behind him, Navision included, that resemble the Templafy solution, both in market approach and in their relation to Microsoft. It’s therefore extremely valuable for us to have Preben join the Board,” said Templafy CEO, Christian Lund.

Templafy was founded in 2013 as a spinoff from the successful template management company, SkabelonDesign, as a response to the cloud-first business environment. It now counts 25 staff and is on course for solving visual and legal anarchy in documents for enterprises globally, helping to ensure visual consistency in the two billion business documents created by employees worldwide every day.

Building a strong team

The new investment comes from SEED Capital, Sunstone Capital and the private investor Jesper Theill Eriksen as well as Preben Damgaard. The capital raise comes in the wake of robust economic growth and the prospect of an almost untouched global market with more than 1 billion enterprise users.

“Templafy has created a solution that is extremely scalable and they have a vast market in view. Customers are really happy with the solution and the strategy works. The high degree of talent the company has managed to attract matches its high potential,” says Lars Andersen, GP at SEED Capital.

Templafy has focused its sights on the enterprise segment, and 80 000+ users now on the platform. Securing top executive talent is part of the company’s strategy, recently attracting former TDC strategist, Jakob Ekkelund, and Susanne Lund, who previously ran the Enterprise segment at Microsoft Denmark. Three more high profile executives are due to start in November, all of whom have considerable knowledge of the Microsoft platform. Preben Damgaard, whose business Navision was acquired by Microsoft in 2002 – the largest acquisition ever made by Microsoft at the time – makes the strategic partnership with the tech giant cemented.

“Templafy closes a gap in the market and their product covers a universal need across geographies and industries. They solve a real problem recognised by most businesses. I chose to become involved in Templafy because the shareholders are very experienced and because the technology supports a basic trend and combines dynamically scalable IT services with settlement of software as a service,” says Preben Damgaard.

“More and more companies are choosing to move their software to the cloud. Templafy have chosen to build their solution in a way that fully integrates with the Office 365 platform, which means that they really remove a barrier to cloud adoption for all our customers, gradually ensuring our cloud services are adopted by the users. Cooperation with Templafy was therefore obvious,” says Aaren Ekelund, Head of Division, Microsoft Office.

Templafy raised its seed investment in the summer of 2014, with $2,5 million contributed by SEED Capital and Sunstone Capital.