Serial entrepreneurs Anders Elley and Jacob Knobel receive funding from SEED Capital to develop their newest venture Densou Trading Desk. With the financing and a good team in place, the new startup sets off to give a boost to Danish media landscape and help companies with smaller advertising budgets to reach out further than Google and Facebook.

Densou Trading Desk is a self-service platform that enables publishers to join the competition for the long tail advertising budgets by offering a solution without minimum spending limits or expensive intermediaries. In turn businesses can create and book national and regional campaigns directly on publisher’s platform. This way, Densou becomes a connecting point between small Danish publishers and SMEs in need of good local advertising.

According to Densou’s, the market for this type of service is rather big and often underestimate. While marketing spendings of large companies are often perceived as rather large, in reality they account only for 40% of the 600$ billion market. The bigger share of the market comes from budgets of SMEs, who are currently limited in their choices to Google and Facebook advertisements. But Densou is going to change that.

“In Densou Adtech we are working to release potential through automation. The media market is facing a transformation where digitization threatens to render many of the existing players, particularly local media. So we want to help with an automatic ad platform for SMEs,” says Anders Elley, Founder and CEO of Densou Adtech.

Currently Densou already has such customers as TV 2, Egmont and Dagbladet in Norway and is in dialogue with several major players in Denmark and abroad.

“At Egmont Publishing we want to help all advertisers use our digital media, large and small. We have found a partner in Densou which can help us serve the smaller advertisers through an automatic ad platform, thus expanding our sales activities,” says the sales manager at Egmont Publishing, Thomas Hervø.

Densou was founded in 2014. By now the company has 20 employees and a turnover of DKK 30 million. Both founders, Anders and Jacob, have solid business experience that assures further success of company. Anders is a serial entrepreneur in marketing tech, who among other things co-founded content agency Suzumuchi. Jacob, on the other hand only 25 years old, but is already among Berlingskes 100 talentm and in February he was awarded a place on Forbes prestigious list of “30 under 30”, which celebrates the best and most innovative young entrepreneurs in Europe.