Prettysocial media, a Danish company that provides international content marketing platform and advertising solutions, has completed its first financing round at the end of August. The company, that is already present in the German market with offices in Munich, Dusseldorf and Hamburg, will use the funds for further international expansion. In September Prettysocial media will establish its presence in London with further plan to expand to the Netherlands later this year.

The company was established in 2013 by Trine Buus and Ulrich Schmidt Firmaet. It offers a range of technology platforms and tools that bind advertisers, media and content producers together on a common platform, called Native Avenue. With the help of the platform, users can both develop and distribute content marketing campaigns. Trine Buus, the founder and managing partner of Prettysocial media, is looking forward to further development of the service and giving more focus to the needs of SMEs:

“We hope shortly to present a self-service platform that will be adapted to the busy schedules of marketing managers and at the same time meet the demand for results-oriented distribution of content marketing campaigns with a few clicks.”