Compass is a Californian initiative that aims to get a detailed overview of startups in different countries and fields. Currently, they are doing an in-depth survey about the Danish startup environment, but also the Nordics in general.

Their aim is to provide better data about how startups are doing, what troubles do they have, and how different eco-systems perform. By using this data together with governments and consultancies, they hope to make changes, world-wide. If you want to know more about the reasons and vision behind Compass’, here are links to their privacy policy and pledge.

The first Startup Ecosystem Report in 2012 provided research and analytics on the global expansion of startups and mapped a flourishing economy. However, the explosive growth of entrepreneurship necessitates an updated version of the study.

If you want to help improve the data there is, take the survey here. If you are based in Denmark it is this survey, if based in Sweden this one.

The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to fill out, and focuses on troubles with hiring, finding employees, technical expertise, funding as well as how immigration laws and public policies are affecting you, such as those related to business immigration. Then, visit to learn all about employment law.